The 3 Most Popular Diet Plans For Detoxification

Detox your body

Detox your body

Body is a beautiful gift to you, which is supposed to be used not abused. However, sometimes you end up abusing your body by the stressful lives you live. When you have abused your body too much, it becomes important to detoxify the body by flushing out all the toxins and rejuvenating the cells. Here are top three diet plans that are popular for detoxification.

The Master Cleanse or the Lemon detox diet

This 10 day program is one of the most popular diets for detoxification. It starves the body by allowing no solid food intake and 12 glasses of lemon juice/maple syrup/cayenne pepper lemonade daily. In addition, you are supposed to take some daily laxatives like a laxative tea in the evening. This diet is followed by thousands of people around the globe including some celebrities like Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Beyonce. No solid food is allowed in this diet. The acidic nature of lemon juice helps in the cleansing process and cayenne pepper helps in speeding up the metabolism rate. Laxatives help in flushing out the dissolved toxins. After the cleansing, you can go back to normal diet gradually.

Dr. Oz’s 48-Hour Cleanse

Detox diet

A detox diet can be quick

Dr. Oz’s diet plan promises to nourish the body and three key organs namely liver, kidney and colon. At breakfast, you are supposed to eat quinoa with prunes that is high in protein, phosphorous and fiber. Additionally, it includes some Detox drinks like Kale, pineapple and ginger juice mixed with lemon and other ingredients as suited to the taste. At lunch you are supposed to take a fruit smoothie made of blueberries (good for your liver), bananas (contains vitamin B6 that helps in detoxification of liver) ground flaxseed (Contains omega-3) and fiber. Lastly, at dinner you are supposed to take vegetable broth soup that contains cabbage, garlic, and mushrooms as main ingredients. Apart from this diet, you are supposed to take an Epsom salt bath, which helps in sweating out the toxins. It also contains magnesium that relaxes your muscles. Secondly, you are supposed to take dandelion root tea before bed. Lastly, you are not supposed to eat anything after 7 pm. The best part about this diet is that it is only for 48 hours and can be easily carried out on a weekend.

Raw food detox diet

Eat and drink healthy

Eat and drink healthy

This diet by nutritionist Natalia Rose pushes the people to increase the intake of raw food diet. There are five levels in the diet and the dieters chose the level appropriate for them, which they identify by answering a series of questions. Level 1 is the strictest level that encompasses of raw fruit, vegetables and juices. However, salmon is allowed once in a week. As the dieters progress the levels get easier. Last level is easiest of them as 75 percent of the entire diet includes raw food. It has one cooked meal daily and allows eggs, chicken and fish. The various levels make it easier for the dieters to adopt this diet plan. It also has alternative for deserts such as ice cream.

Detoxification should not be just in a diet plan but a part of your lifestyle in order to live a more healthy life. Drink lots of water and increase the intake of vegetables and fruit to avoid the build up of toxins by regularly flushing it out of the system. Lastly, avoid alcohol, caffeine, soda and smoking to live a more healthy life.

Do You Wish To Get Rich? Start Thinking Like Rich People

Dreaming with getting rich

Dreaming about getting rich?

If you want to get rich, you’ve got to start thinking like rich people. The thoughts of rich people are very different from those of an average middle class citizen. Rich people develop certain characteristics and traits that help to curve their path towards wealth. If you don’t think like a rich person, there is no way that you are going to get rich. Overcoming poverty is one thing, but staying rich is whole different thing. If you want to get rich, here is how to think like a rich person:

1. Being broke is a very bad thing

If you want to get rich, you should never allow yourself to be broke. Think of being broke as very bad thing that you should never cross path with. Rich people believe that it is really bad to be broke. This is belief is so strong that it makes them do everything they can to prevent themselves from being broke. When you are not comfortable with your financial status, you will always strive to make more money. When you strive to make money to avoid being broke, you will make yourself rich before you know it.

2. Hard work increases a person’s luck

Follow your dream of wealth

Follow your dream of wealth

Rich people believe that working hard increases your chance of making money even though most of them seem to get their money effortlessly. Wealth does not come to any man easily but can come easily when you put your effort in the right place. You will only get rich when you put more effort on the tasks you do every day. Do not waste your money on speculative stocks and lottery tickets thinking that you will somehow get lucky. Just work hard in whatever you do because this gives you a better chance of getting rich.

3. Follow your dreams. They will take you where you want to be

Rich people find their passion and work tirelessly to make their dream a reality. Don’t exchange hour of work for a paycheck. There is no limit to what you can achieve when you follow your dreams. Furthermore, you will make money doing what you love. Maintain good relationships and don’t give up on your dreams when you face obstacles while trying to achieve them. Perseverance is an important quality that people who want to get rich must have.

4. Use money to solve your problems

Money solves a lot of problems

Money solves a lot of problems

If you want to get rich, you have to believe that money solves problems. People who are constantly under stress because of money always end up spending more than they make. Think of money as means of buying freedom and flexibility.

To get rich, you have to change your way of thinking completely and start thinking like a rich person. It is only after this that you will be able to actually become rich.

Attract Business Through The Law Of Attraction

Positive thinking will get you better results

Positive thinking will get you better results

Positive attracts positive and vice versa. In sum, it’s what best captures the idea behind the Law of Attraction. As such, if you think positive thoughts, positive results will follow. If you think otherwise, then the opposite happens. It seems unrelated, but the Law of Attraction can also be applied in the context of a business. How?

What do you want / what do you not want?

You need to make a choice. The phrasing you choose dictates your focus. If you pick the first statement, you’re prone to think positively about the things that you want. If you choose the second, then you’ll end up using negative statements. Take a look at these statements:

a. I want to have more customers for my business.

b. I don’t want to have few customers for my business.

Draw a plan for your business and life

Draw a plan for your business and life

Both statements mean the same thing but they’re actually different. That brings us to verbiage or the choice of words when it comes to identifying what we want. Using positive terms to express our desires is always better. And when you set out to identify what you want to happen in order to improve your business, be very specific so that you’ll know exactly what to do.

Will you go against or with the flow?

It’s ironic because going against the flow is popularly known as a representation of success. Not now. If you wish to see improvement in your business, you need to go with the flow. If you fight it, then you’ll lose focus on what you want. Check these statements:

a. I feel pressured because of what I want.

b. I feel pressured to get what I want.

Do you see the difference? While both refer to pressure, the second one is more definite and more accepting. No road is paved for you alone. You have to pave it on your own. By acknowledging that something is going on in relation to your goal of business improvement, you get to engage in habits that help you regain perspective.

Will you look for it or will you wait for it?

You’ve wanted to improve your business but you haven’t been so successful. You finally decided to wait for the right time to execute changes. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a “right time” in business as there is opportunity in every event. Read these:

a. A customer complains about a staple wire mixed with his spaghetti. All I need to do is to apologize.

b. A customer complains about a staple wire mixed with his spaghetti. I need to improve my business’ food handling process.

While the situation might be alleviated by an apology and by offering a refund, it doesn’t eliminate the probability of the problem’s recurrence. The second statement indicates the recognition of an opportunity to improve. Why would a staple wire get mixed in spaghetti anyhow?

Will you decide based on other people or based on what you know?

Donald Trump said that you’re better off sticking to what you know. According to the Law of Attraction, we’re endowed with a cosmic ability to decide based on our intuitions. That means that if we’re uncomfortable over our decision, we went against our intuition.

a. They said that this is what I ought to do to improve my business.

b. I think that this is what I ought to do to improve my business.

Believe in yourself and succeed in everything

Believe in yourself and succeed in everything

While you can’t totally discount external events when you made decisions, the Law of Attraction says that you have to decide based on what you feel is right. You’re the business owner after all. It is rare for you to formulate decisions that go against what’s currently going on in your business anyway.

There’s a challenge posed by skeptics: Does the Law of Attraction really work? What proof is there? Keep in mind that the Law of Attraction is a kind of mindset. If you’re keen about achieving something, you need to set your mind to achieving it instead of doing otherwise. So there’s a counter-challenge: if the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, what proof is there?