DIY Project #14: Sparkle Top Pencils

DIY Project #14: Sparkle Top Pencils

I was shopping with my niece this week and we saw these. We were understandably very, very smitten (she likes colourful things too), but I was a little shocked at the price so we only picked on each and sadly, the rest stayed on the shelf.

When I arrived home however, I realised one just wasn’t going to cut it in making my office desk more sparkly and bright, so I set about making some more to keep him company.

This is really the easiest DIY in the world and for the price of one store bought beauty, I made 12 glitzy new pencils! Yay!

You can find all the details at our Poppytalk DIY column, but before you jump over, grab the following materials:


And soon you’ll have a whole hoard of lovely new pencils like these:

Sparkle top pencils...yay!

We hope you enjoy our latest DIY!

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