DIY Project #16: Cute Inspirational Quote Block

DIY Project #16: Cute Inspirational Quote Block

Our latest DIY for Poppytalk is up on their blog.

For this project I was inspired by a gorgeous little wooden quote block my sister gave me many years ago. I have had this quote block on my desk for years, however, I was starting to feel a little bit of deja vu every time I looked at which meant I knew it was time for some new quotes!

I wanted to make the wooden part as well as the quote cards so that I could make the cards bigger, however, being banned from the power tools, I had to come up with another solution.

Enter balsa wood!

Balsa wood is very lightweight and can be cut with a knife which made it perfect for this project.

I have even made a cute little download for you with some cards to get your started. Yay!

Before you head over to see the instructions, grab your materials:

And in no time at all you will have a beautiful little quote block to keep you inspired all year round.

We hope you get inspired by our latest DIY!

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