DIY Project #10: Colour Blocked Coasters

DIY Project #10: Colour Blocked Coasters

Colour blocking is, as you know, pretty fantastic.

And to celebrate this lovely design meme at the moment, we have a brand new DIY to share that will be sure to impress your colour block fancying friends!

This DIY is very super easy and apart from a bit of patience required to wait for the coats of paint and gold to dry, you won’t have any trouble making something sparkly and new for your next dinner party that will dress up your table.

You can find all of our steps in Poppytalk’s latest lookbook which has been made into a beautiful little zine.

But before you scoot over there to start, you’ll need to grab your materials:


And in no time, you’ll have some lovely coasters like these:

We look forward to seeing what colours you choose to colour block!

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